Steve Hussey




Steve Hussey is a singer/songwriter and producer hailing from Washington, West Virginia. Steve has been playing professionally for almost 20 years in various bands including Stuck On Amber, The Steve Hussey Band, and Luvbox. He has enterained clubs, fairs and festivals, and private parties all over the east coast.


Currently Steve is working on releasing his back catalog from the Stuck on Amber days. "You Bet" is set to be released November 13, 2015. A Studio outtake and B-side album entitled "Moon Scoopers: Waning" will be released December 13. The last of the back catalog will be finished in late December using the original demo sessions from the Basement Tapes as a blueprint. 


Special limited run editions of both albums are being produced on vinyl and LP. Release dates on those are to be determined.


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