Steve Hussey

Steve Hussey Band


The Steve Hussey Band was founded on January 23, 2003 when Steve Hussey, Scott Arthur and Todd Stubbe all ended up on stage together at Mike Smith open mic night at J.P. Henry's in Parkersburg, WV. On the spot, they noticed the instant chemisrty and the band was born then and there.

In the Ensuing 8 years, the band became a mainstay of the Parkersburg music scene and entertained audiences all over the east coast. Highlights included headlining their own Parkersburg Homecoming and playing the West Virginia State Fair.

During that time, they released two critically acclaimed albums, "Unspoken" in 2004 and "Parkersburg Skyline" in 2011. Band turnover and life in general has caused the band to be currently on hiatus. There will be more SHB music released in the future, however.