Steve Hussey

stuck on amber


Steve Hussey and Bret Carr met up one day in the summer of 1997 where it was discovered that they had both recently taken up guitar. Both had also taken to songwriting. Their first public performance together took place at the Interstate Fair and Expo talent show, where they lost to cloggers. 


Undeterred, the next 4 years resulted in a prolific collaboration that resulted in 2 studio albums and another album's worth of material realized through AOL instant Messaging and email.


Steve and Bret played shows over a three state area during that time and were a big hit in basements, living rooms and front porches everywhere, and for a brief heady time topped the charts on and got scouted by A&R at Capitol Records.


The collaboration ended in 2001 when real life intruded and Steve and Bret decided they did not really want to live in a van for the next ten years. Alas.


Those fruitful years will not be lost to history, however. Their initial album, "You Bet", wil be released on iTunes on November 13, 2015. An album of their long distance collaborations and studio outtakes entitled "Moon Scoopers: Waning" will be released December 13, 2015. A special limited run package of a Vinyl LP combined with a CD is currently in the works with release dates on those TBD.   


Oh, and don't ask us who Amber is. Ever.